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Plastics Services
I have been selling plastic for around 12 years. I specialize in RECYCLED  materials, and off spec virgin materials. Sourcing recycled materials for any ongoing programs and saving money is what I do best. I work with large compounders to small molders; however no program is too big or too small. Some of the ongoing materials I supply are PolycarbonateNylon 6 or 6/6 GF and unfilled, ABS, PC/ABS, Polystyrenes, and PBT. When I’m not saving customers money on their plastic needs, I enjoy many outdoor activities and living a healthy lifestyle. One of my favorite past times is surfing. I try to take at least one trip a year and surf in exotic destinations, this helps me to relieve stress and comeback refreshed.  Many of my materials come from NAFTA agreement areas and I am able to provide deals on those materials.  Send me an E-mail and lets grow together!

​Ballyhoo Plastics is a plastics resin distributor that is not so centrally located in Corpus Christi, TX.  Our office is located just a few blocks from the Gulf of Mexico, we work hard and then play hard.  Our mission is to be able to help you find the resin you need and take your recyclable parts and purging back to decrease your overall cost per part. We have customers, suppliers, and warehouses all over the United States expanding into Canada and Mexico. Ballyhoo plastics wants to help you with any plastic need you have, and we strive to do it quickly and professionally.
We have a great supply of recycled plastics including recycled polycarbonate in forms of parts, purge patties, regrind, or re-pelletized all plastic that can be reused in some form or fashion. 

Our job is to find what you need, and we are very good at what we do.
I enjoy talking with others in the plastic industry both suppliers and customers alike. Virgin materials such as PC, ABS, PC/ABS, engineering grades of PET’s and PBT’s ​are my main focus for sales, as well as specialty compounds to meet the high demands of the customer. I have done several projects for very large companies, and had wonderful working relationships with many big names in the business world. For me plastic sales is a lifestyle choice I made 8 years ago, and have been extending my knowledge and relationship base ever since. When I am not working I try to be outside enjoying the coastal lifestyle I’ve grown to love. I live about 3 minutes from the Gulf of Mexico and enjoy fishing both inland and offshore, and boating when time allows. 
Kyle Allen
Trebor Johnson
Ballyhoo Plastics
To purchase please send an email to Sales@BallyhooPlastics.com for a delivered to you quote.

Andy Wahl
I enjoy working with clients to find the correct resins to make their projects a complete success, while helping them stay on budget.  I can locate any resin from prime certified, to wide spec, all the way down to regrinds; and can do so in commodity as well as engineering grades.  3-D printing is the up and coming in the industry, and I enjoy experimenting with the virgin and recycled resins needed to produce quality parts.  When I’m not working with plastics I like spending time with my family, playing on the beach with my dog, Jeeping, and any outdoor activity I can find.  Contact me anytime so I can start helping you with all your plastics needs.