Toll Shredding, Granulating, and Destruction

Toll Work & Certificates of Destruction
Ballyhoo Plastics is able to destroy sensitive products, obsolete products, incorrectly molded,  and media and issue Certificates of Destruction. We are also able toll processes Purges, Parts, Sprues/Runners for the plastics industry, by shredding and granulating.

Ballyhoo Plastics is able to process pellets, floor sweeps, purges, parts, sheets, and other forms of plastic.

Shredding – We are able to reduce almost any size part down to 2″.  We have a Vecoplan VAZ 1100-XL-XR  60 HP, it easily runs through 2,000/lbs an hour to quickly process your materials.

Granulation – We are able to reduce even smaller to a 3/8”  final size regrind  for reprocessing.

We can destroy your products and provides Certificates of Destruction.

The destruction process starts at the shredder and is conveyed to the granulator after finished the remaining product will either be disposed of or recycled back in to industry.

If you are interested in a destruction program but want to have smaller carbon foot print and be more green, we have an experienced team that can hand disassemble and recycle up to 90% of your product.